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Playful Resilience®

We all hit times when it’s not plain sailing. How we prepare for the voyage, steer through the storms and recover from the journey are markers of our resilience.

Learn how you can tap into one of the most natural and novel ways to ready for, respond to and recover from challenge and adversity: through the power of play.

There are a range of opportunities to learn about the science and practice of play including;

  • Keynote talk: Play your way to resilience delivered for clients including Google and the Ministry of Justice

  • Workshop: Playful Resilience® for Performance learn about the power of play at work and experience our ground-breaking resilience board game Not all Plain Sailing™, a game that has helped groups worldwide to create connection, boost creativity and cope better with challenges and change

  • Team events - leverage the power of playful facilitation to engage, inspire and empower your people. Team meetings, away days and bespoke workshops can be designed to incorporate a range of playful techniques, including Lego® Serious Play® (both ‘in the room’ and online)

For more information on Playful Resilience® Click here

More about the game, Not all Plain Sailing™ 


In a hybrid world, where incidental conversations are a scarcity, this game provides the perfect catalyst for teams to have engaging conversations in a fun environment.


Through play, participants will explore evidence-based strategies for resilience and well-being and consider how they can apply their learning to weather future challenges.

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What do previous participants say ?

“I think it’s one of the most remarkable games I’ve ever played. If you get the chance to play the game, take it!”

“It’s fantastic! It’s a really insightful game that helps you understand yourself and the people you’re playing with in a better way”.

“I liked the interactive nature of it - it was so much more effective than sitting in a training room!”

“The practical nature of it meant I left with actions I could immediately apply.” 

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